Megan Evans is a multi-media artist, representing ideas of transformation in her work, primarily through the use of acrylic paints on unconventional-shaped canvases – lacking corners and reflecting the fluidity of transformation. By incorporating a variety of materials including handmade papers, wire sculptures and printmaking, she creates layers upon layers in her work, reflecting the transformation in nature as it relates to the transformation in life.  She expresses the fluidity of life through her use of organic and circular shapes as a symbol for the transformative power of movement forward.  By harmonizing these elements with a layer approach, she sets forth a platform for a viewer to consider the relationship between layers – how each layer in her pieces relates to the layer before – thereby demonstrating a connection to the universal reality of how each layer of life relates to the prior.


Deeply affected by the loss of her mother to breast cancer and the loss of her daughter to Trisomy 18, she draws inspiration from those experiences and her reflections on both the pain of loss and the joy of knowing.  Her artistic influences include Hannah Wilke for the transformative elements in the artist’s work and Vincent Van Gogh specific to his use of texture.


In addition to her work as a visual artist, Megan is also a highly regarded Visual Art educator, driven to inspire all of her students in becoming life-long arts enthusiasts, while also preparing students for careers in visual art.  She has worked for Columbus City Schools for 21 years while continuing to create and exhibit her own work in Central Ohio.  Megan holds a B. A. in Visual Art from the University of Findlay and a Masters of Art Education from The Ohio State University.  She is represented on the Cultural Arts Wall on Long Street in Columbus, recognizing her work in creating public art with young people on the historic Near East Side.